Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A word of advice for Christmas shoppers out there. Take a baby. People are way nicer to you in Walmart and Target if you have a cute baby all dressed up Holiday style. And while they are oogling at the child, you can grab the last of the must-have sale items.

You're welcome.

Plus One

In the year 2000 ...

Boy Bands were BIG. I mean HUGE! And Christian music wasn't about to let that trend pass by unanswered. Enter Plus One. A dance-pop boy band, except instead of singing about ex-girlfriends, they were singing about God. What started out as a copycat answer to culture, turned into a real group of young men who learned the art of songwriting and refused to settle in their niche. Every album showed growth and change.

By the final album (Exodus), the band had come full circle to remain relevant in a changing musical landscape. In between pop records, the guys released Christmas - a broad spectrum Christmas project that lovingly played with classics while bringing some real worshipful moments as well. In 2004 the group called it quits, parting ways to pursue other avenues of ministry.

I sort of miss these guys ...

Christmas Album: Christmas
Last Album: Exodus

Scriptural Pursuit

Q: What Old Testament prophet is most quoted in the New Testament?

A: Isaiah (85 times!)

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