Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010

This year I have watched far fewer Christmas movies and specials than is usual for me. Probably because I've never before had an 11 month old to chase around. I sort of miss it, to tell the truth. I didn't watch Elf or A Charlie Brown Christmas or any of the Tim Allen Santa Clause movies. I did catch a few Christmas episodes of my favorite shows, but I missed out on Home Alone and Christmas Vacation!

Those movies don't define Christmas for me, of course. But Christmas is special because it is an ever evolving collection of Christmasses past. Those memories (which we see through rose colored glasses) paint the picture of what Christmas truly means to us. For me, it is a compilation of experiences with friends and family. That is what I most love about the season. I love the memories of people I love. Jesus being first and foremost on that list - but it isn't wrong to love Christmas for more than the birth of Christ. May you have a marvelous Christmas. Know that you are loved by your Savior - and your family here at Joy.


Da'dra and Steve were born and raised in Columbus, Ohio; two of nine children in a strong, church-going family where musical gifts were taken as a given. When they were hardly more than toddlers they were already singing with their extended family group, the Crawford Singers, which included their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins on all vocals and instruments, performing in and around the Columbus area.

Anointed has always been renowned and celebrated for its singular gift at breaking down barriers of genre, styles and markets while building a broad, multi-ethnic following in the process. The group has won seven Dove Awards, two Stellar Awards and three Grammy Award nominations. Brother and sister Steve and Da'dra still helm the group, Nee-C and Mary having left in the early 2000's. Their latest album Now Is The Time spotlights their songwriting like never before. Except for a tribute recording to Andre Crouch - the entire album was written by the duo.

Latest Album: Now Is The Time


Scriptural Pursuit

Q: According to Jeremiah's vision, where would the new Covenant between God and man be written?

A: On men's hearts! (Jeremiah 31:33)

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