Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Have you ever been staring lazily at a Christmas tree, admiring the beauty of the season when out of the corner of your eye you notice a little blink. This time you seek it out and sure enough, there it is again! One light that is sort of flickering. It's not flashing or even twinkling, it is just barely shorting out. Now whenever you look at the tree, your eyes are immediately drawn to that one light that just won't stay on. And Christmas is ruined.

The End.


After nearly 30 years and 20 #1 radio hits - Newsong still pushes the limits to reach a new generation for Christ. After nearly a decade away, award winning front-man Russ Lee has returned to the group as they promote their latest smash album Give Yourself Away. The music on the album is once again produced by Charlie Peacock and features the vocal harmonies you expect from Newsong, but a punch of fresh musical perspective.

Newsong loves Christmas! Their breakout hit The Christmas Shoes paved the way for the band's more recent The Christmas Hope. As a founder of the Winter Jam concert series, this group knows how to bring Christmas to a live audience.
“At the end of the day, the goal for NewSong has always been to share the Gospel and to make sure everyone knows that Christianity is a relationship of Hope that’s for anyone.”
Christmas Album: The Christmas Hope

Latest Album: Give Yourself Away


Scriptural Pursuit

Q: What king built the first temple in Jerusalem?

A: Solomon (2 Chronicles 2:1)

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