Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Say this out loud: "Christmas is next week."

Yep, it's true. Next Saturday is Christmas. For some this brings excitement, for others panic, and still, for others - sweet relief. Before you know it, 2010 will come to a close and a new year of life will begin. I hope you will spend the year with us here at Joy! 102.5. We've got exciting plans, dreams and hopes for 2011 - and they include you!

New Release Tuesday:

Sorry gang, nothing new this week. Everyone is off celebrating the holidays or playing Christmas concerts - so nobody put out anything new. How will we ever survive!? (I'm sure we'll make it...)

33 Miles

Chris Lockwood and Jason Barton are 33 Miles. When 33 Miles burst onto the scene in 2008 they were heavily influenced by new country. Comparisons to Raskal Flatts were obvious. Now with a little experience under their belts, the guys bring a more layerd sound in Today. While still very much country, there are more pop influences in their songwriting to atract a broader audience.

Change is a part of life. A lesson the band recently learned when one of their original members, keyboardist Collin Stoddard, followed God’s calling into worship ministry full time.
“For five years, it’s just been the three of us,” says Chris. “But I think God had been preparing Collin’s heart, just as he’d been preparing us. As his heart was headed elsewhere, our sound began to change.”
The band showcases their love of Christmas in an EP called Believe. You can hear pretty much that whole album on Joy! - and listen to it for free HERE!

Christmas Album: Believe

Latest Album: Today


Scriptural Pursuit

Q: Who was the only female Judge of Israel?

A: Deborah (Judges 4:4)

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