Monday, August 23, 2010

Did you have a good weekend? I hope so. I got sick. Allergies are an awful thing. Allergy medication is an even worse thing.

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#45. Homemade donuts from Bay Country Bakery

It's the place with the giant donut on the roof! Any building accessorized with a donut has to be good, right? Besides fresh made donuts, the Bay Country Bakery makes fresh croissants, coffee and coffee drinks, and they design and make wedding cakes! You can't miss this stop along Hwy. 50 - and after one of their fresh donuts, you might just find yourself making excuses to go to Cambridge.

Here's the bakery's website:

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Today's artist is an import. From Canada, but still. His debut album "The Listening" was produced by Nathan Nockels (one half of Watermark) and scored Dan "Worship Album of the Year" and "Male Soloist of the Year" at the 2007 Shai Awards (Which might be a big deal in Canada, but who is going to brave the cold to ask them?).

When Dan Macaulay isn't drinking milk from a bag, chasing Mounties, or electing William Shatner to public office (all things Canadians do) - he's making great worship music in the vein of Michael W. Smith and Jason Upton.

You've heard several of his songs on Joy! Here's the story behind the song of "Listening"...

It has been said, “the best worship songs are a bi-product of just worshiping.” And that was exactly how the song “Listening” was born. It was after a young adult service in Calgary Alberta, where I had led worship that night, and while I was back at the piano during an altar response time the core of this song came to be. I had begun improvising and just singing out what I felt was appropriate to what God was doing in hearts around the altar, and out it came: “Light of the world, shine on me. Won’t You light my pathway. Truth and the way speak to me. I’m listening.” It was just one of those things where I knew right away there was something to it and I just kept singing it over and over. Partially cause it was appropriate and partially, if I’m honest, ‘cause I didn’t want to forget it! ?

Want more of the Canadian crooner? Click Here

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