Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Everyone has bad days. It's a given.

We've been reading through Job in staff devotions, and I'm confidant in saying I've never had a Job-sized bad day. Although Job was not at fault for the awful things that happened to him, he complained loudly - and God answered him. It was not smiley-loving-God that came to Job's rescue though. It was All-Powerful-Who-Do-You-Think-You-Are-To-Question-Me-God. Job had to cower under God's gaze as the Almighty showcased how big He is - and how small we are.

Nobody likes to be put in their place - especially by God - but Job takes his licks, and God blesses him beyond all measure. It reminds me of a Proverb that more or less says, "it's a loving parent that disciplines their child." So if you are going through "the fire" right now, know that God, who is mighty and fierce and all-powerful, is also the loving, kind Parent. That probably won't comfort you while you are in the midst of challenges, but maybe on the other side it will help.

102.5 Shore Things
Getting to know the Eastern Shore

#48. Common Grounds Fair Trade Coffee House

Need a cup of coffee? A more stylish coffee drink with a fancy Italian name? Hot tea? Just a place to chill, decompress, or converse? Might I suggest heading to 701 East Naylor Mill Rd. in Salisbury, MD! Check the menu:

#47. Movies on the Beach
#46. Long Wharf Park in Cambridge
#45. Homemade donuts from Bay Country Bakery

Have something to add to the list? I'd love for you to email me your ideas:

Alex Edmonds

This southern belle hails from Crossett, Arkansas. She grew up heavily involved at her home church, First Baptist Church Crossett. She sang in her church children's choir, and as a teen, transitioned into leading worship with the youth group band. It was pretty apparent to everyone that God had called Alex to use her voice for Christ - something she had sensed since she first got saved at age 9, during Vacation Bible School.

With only a debut EP under her belt this 19 year old is really just starting her career! She continues to record, tour, and watch as God uses her life for His glory.

Interesting Facts about Alex:

Fave Food: Mexican

Hobbies: Hunting & Softball

Fave Movie: Remember the Titans

Favorite Boardgame: Battleship

Musical Influences: Grandmother

Favorite Scripture: Matthew 6:33

Want more Alex?

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