Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Rain, rain on my face. It hasn't stopped raining for days." - Jars of Clay

I still remember when "Flood" became a huge crossover hit. Jars of Clay became the Christian calling card for the world. We could point at them and say, "See, it's not as bad as it used to be!" Now Christian music is the second fastest growing radio market in the world, with greater quality than ever before! So thank you, Jars of Clay. Thank you for upping the ante.

102.5 Shore Things
Getting to know the Eastern Shore

#42. Bridges

Have you ever driven through the Mid-West? I have. It's is beyond boring. A Stuckey's gas station might break up 100 miles of corn or wheat. The entire state of Indiana smells like pig farms all summer. But on the Eastern Shore, we have bridges! Which means there are scenic creeks, rivers, lakes, the bay - There is natural beauty that we didn't pave over, but elevated ourselves above to enjoy their splendor! So even if you have a panic attack trying to cross the Bay Bridge, bridges are still an awesome part of the Eastern Shore.

#41. The Narrows Restaurant on Kent Island
#40. Cape Henlopen State Park

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Phil Stacey

You know, I'm thinking it might be better for your career to lose on American Idol. Phil Stacey made it to the top 5 before being bumped from the show - and he's doing just fine! This native of Kentucky brings a southern rock charm to emotional lyrics, and an honesty that is just plain ole endearing!

While we know Phil Stacey as a singer and song-writer, his priorities are a bit different than many rising stars. Topping his list? Husband, Father, Military, Music Minister ... and then finally recording artist! Both grandfathers and his dad were pastors, so Phil has grown up in the Church, and that is where his heart is.

Into the Light was Phil Stacey's debut album on Reunion Records. He's a Navy man, who enlisted immediately after 9/11 - so anchors away!

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