Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday, July 16, 2010

Sound the trumpets! Friday has arrived! What does your weekend look like? Are you a weekend warrior? Is it all fun in the sun? I'm going to try a mixture of both. This weekend I'll start painting in my house, but also try to head out to Rehobeth for some shopping and beach sitting.

Soapbox time: I really wish paint companies would create an affordable product that was such a high quality paint that you don't need to prime before applying, yet get the desired color with just one coat. Is that asking too much? Seriously!

102.5 Shore Things
Know your home!

#19. The sound of waves hitting sand.

Don't take that sound for granted. I grew up in a neighborhood where the sounds out the window were traffic, ambulances, and occasional gunfire. That can stress a kid out! There are few sounds more delightfully calming than waves rolling out along the shore. It's both powerful and serene. It lowers my blood pressure instantly! It also reminds me of how God often times chooses to speak - in a still small voice, filled with power and authority.

#18. Thrasher’s boardwalk fries.
#17. Restaurant 213.
#16. The Choptank River.
#15. Salisbury University soccer.

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Todd Agnew

Todd Agnew modeled his early career after Rich Mullins. He was a lone gun, describing his methodology as, "I've always been kind of the hammer - walk in, speak the truth, blow up the town, walk off and let all the pastors apply that truth or pick up the pieces." If you've seen him in concert you know that he isn't afraid to stop mid-song and tell the crowd exactly how he feels.

But in 2008 Todd went from flying solo all over the world to owning a home, getting married, and becoming a step-dad. You can imagine that changes your perspective. His latest album "Need" is filled with a sense of Joy, Hope, and Love that had been missing in both Todd's life and his music.

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