Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's a beautiful Thursday, but it is still only Thursday. If you are prepping for your summer vacation, be sure to take some pointers from our special Manna Vacation Promotion ( There are great deals - ideas - and more!

It will be a staycation for my family this year. But since I'm new to the area, I've got plenty of staycationing things to try!

102.5 Shore Things
There's never "nothing to do" on the Eastern Shore!

#18. Thrasher’s boardwalk fries (recommended with Vinegar)

I'll be honest, the whole "boardwalk" thing is new to me. The beaches I grew up on were just sand, surf, and outlet malls. But now, I get any food, any shop, anyTHING I could want, just a quick step off of the sand! It's brilliant! I love fresh french-fries - but the vinegar? Nu uh.

#17. Restaurant 213
#16. The Choptank River.
#15. Salisbury University soccer.

Jim Murphy

Just a good ole boy from Arkansas? Nah! Jim is not settling for comfortable, laying his heart on the line with lyrics that dig deep. Though decidedly modern in sound, Jim began his musical career at the prompting of Southern Gospel mega-group "That Martins."

Latest album: Everything Changes

Want a sneek of his album? Click Here

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