Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday, July 9, 2010

Hip, hip ... HOORAY! It's Friday!

This morning, as I was trying to feed Kaylee (my 5 month-old) rice cereal (which she kindly decided to treat her spoon as a harmonica, blowing food all over my first clothing selection) and sipping some coffee, I was treated to a beautiful Summer rain. Just for about 15 minutes, the sun still shining through the clouds, I was enraptured by the simple, peaceful rain.

However, once the cloud moved on, the Great Outdoors became a Great Sauna. I probably could have steamed some crabs just by setting them on the porch!

102.5 Shore Things
Getting to know the Eastern Shore, one tid-bit at a time!

#14. Steamed Crabs!
Where I come from, we have "crawfish boils." It's a big tradition, where you throw crawfish, corn, potatoes, and an assortment of other goodies into a giant boiling pot of water and oil and flavoring. It's delicious and spicy. And I miss it.
Here on the Shore, we "steam crabs." I don't even know what the looks like. How does it have any flavor? Is it worth the labor? I guess I will just have to give a try! I love seafood, so I think that I'll enjoy steamed crabs. I already love crab cakes ... so I'll give it the old college try.

#13. NASCAR at Dover Downs.
#12. Smith Island Cake.
#11. Enjoy looking at all the stars at night.
#10. See a sunrise at Molly's Point.

DC Talk

Would Christian radio exist without DC Talk? Probably - but it would be really really terrible.

Every generation of Christian music usually has just a couple of artists that push the envelope, forcing everyone to either get with the times, or retire (although some in the 90s just got busted for drugs, or went through dirty divorces) - DC Talk led a revolution for Christian musicians (along with Audio Adrenaline and the Newsboys)!

They made records that were not only timely, but in some ways, far superior to the secular records available. That was a paradigm shift for the music industry. Soon Christian radio was the only radio format growing in popularity!

DCT started as straight up hip-hop from the DC area, but evolved into rock, alternative, and pop. This confounded anyone trying to label the group into just one genre. Their records went multi-platinum. They won 3 Grammy's and countless Dove Awards. They had crossover success around the world, but never abandoned their cause - to share Jesus with anyone who'd listen.

Albums you should own: Free At Last, Jesus Freak, Supernatural

Where are they now? DCT went on hiatus almost 10 years ago, in order to pursue solo careers and have more family time. Michael Tait is currently fronting The Newsboys, Kevin Max (AKA K-Max) is acting in Christian movies, and producing records, and Toby Mac ... well, you know what Toby Mac has been doing.

Will they ever get back together? I pray everyday that they will. I'd pay hundreds of dollars to see a DC Talk reunion concert. Seriously.

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