Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Oh, what a glorious thing if I could be broadcasting the JoyRide from the beach. We should do that right? You'd come hang out with me? I'll look into it.

New Release Tuesday
What's new in Christian music (now available for purchase and/or illegal download!)

Here are the highlights of this week's crop of new music:

Graduation: The Best of pureNRG
by pureNRG | Genre: Pop/Rock

The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday
by 12 Stones | Genre: Rock

Dare To Imagine
by Sean Keith | Genre: Praise & Worship

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102.5 Shore Things
Getting to know the Eastern Shore

#21. A ton of local fresh fruit & veggies.
Do not take fresh produce for granted! Frozen, canned, South American - that is what the rest of the country is forced to eat. No wonder Americans don't eat their vegetables! A little olive oil, salt, and pepper - toss just about any vegetable on the grill and you've got something worthy of the Food Network - simply because of the freshness of the ingredients. I expect Bobbly Flay to show up and challenge me to shish-ka-bob throw down any day ...

#20. McCready Memorial Hospital in Crisfield

Have something to add to the list? I'd love for you to email me your ideas: jmillwood@wolc.org

V Music

V Music is the worship ministry of Victory Church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. They are a group of musicians, singers, dancers, audio & video artists, and songwriters who have committed to taking the creativity that God has given them, and use it to give back to Him.

It wasn’t until Jennifer Crow, the band leader, experienced a life changing illness and then complete healing by the power of God and prayer that VMusic's songwriting ministry began to be developed. Out of the healing that she experienced, she began to write songs expressing the love and thanksgiving that flowed out of her heart to God.

Christian recording artist Kristy Starling joined VMusic and began leading worship at Victory Church in 2006 when her husband Adam joined the Pastoral team at Victory.

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