Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Alas, Wednesday. The middle of the week. A hot, hot week.

So how do you keep cool? Do you just sit inside, letting the AC do all the work, or do you go swimming? Sprinklers? Waterballoon fights? If you decide to make some homemade ice cream, save some for me!

Fresh fruits and vegetables contribute needed vitamins and water into your diet - which can help you avoid headaches and heat stroke. Speaking of vegetables, Joelle from Joy in the Morning brought in some Zuchini bread mocha cupcakes today. Now that is how to eat your vegetables! (In a related story, I hate V8. Just saying)

102.5 Shore Things
Getting to know the Eastern Shore one thing at a time ...

#12. Scarf down a really good piece of Smith Island Cake! Recommended flavors: coconut pineapple, chocolate-peanut butter, or German chocolate. Back in New Orleans (where I come from) we have Doberge cake - which is almost the exact same thing as Smith Island cake, so if you thought you had the market cornered, think again. However, I will never turn down a piece of delicious cake - especially with an ice-cold glass of milk to wash it down with! Mmmmmm...

#11. Enjoy seeing all the stars at night.
#10. See a sunrise and sunset at Molly's Point at the mouth of the Wicomico River.

Have something to add to the list of 102.5 Shore Things (Stuff to know, do, try, experience, etc. etc. on Delmarva)?
Email them to me!


It's been 10 years since Sonicflood practically brought contemporary Praise and Worship to the radio. Now half the Christian music section at Wal-Mart is Praise & Worship. It's a mixture of artistry with practicality; a way to produce music, but also a way to help the global church expand their music repertoire.

Sonicflood has a revolving door for castmembers. Currently the band has 5 guys from around the country, but since many of them lead worship at their home churches, the stage line-up shifts almost constantly.

Besides leading worship, Sonicflood has also created their own record label and production company - helping other musicians hone their craft and produce quality records.

Want to learn more about Sonicflood? CLICK HERE

(PS, I miss Jeff Deyo.)

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