Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday, July 12, 2010

Is it possible that we are already almost half way done with July? Seriously? All those Back-To-School ads are starting to make sense ... After I finished college a couple of years ago, I actually felt a bit sad when "back-to-school" time came around and I didn't have anything to do. But Kaylee will be in school soon enough, so I'll just bide my time until then.

The deeper into Summer we get, the more fantastic the corn and watermelon taste. I sampled both this past weekend and I must say - fresh produce is definetely going to make the 102.5 Shore Things list. But not today.

102.5 Shore Things

Getting to know Delmarva one detail at a time ...

#15. Salisbury University Soccer!

So the World Cup is over and I gather that Spain won, but apparently a psychic octopus picked Spain to win ... or something like that. I don't get soccer (or futbol, whatever), but I love to support local sports teams.
On my way home, most days I catch various soccer, field hockey, and lacrosse games going on at the giant field in Fruitland. I love playing and watching others play! If we truly want to beat the obesity epidemic in our country, we all need to play a little more. So go SU Soccer! You kick that ball, and run yourself ragged. But once real football season starts, I will stop paying you any attention!

Have something to add to the list? Remember I only have 102.5 spots open, so get your advice in soon! Email me:

Rush of Fools

Starting up as a small band in Alabama in 2005, Rush of Fools had only played for a short time before entering a contest called "Band with a Mission". They won the contest and recorded their debut, self-titled album with Midas Records. Gospel Music Channel's review of the band's debut album said Rush of Fools set a "higher bar to vault over" for the praise and worship genre.

This past year has seen plenty of hardship for the band. While on tour, the group's equipment trailer was stolen, taking the bulk of their gear with it.

Check out the band: HERE

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